Which of my data will be collected by Riko d.o.o., what for and for how long?

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Which data? At each visit to the web site www.starckwithriko.com, the web recorded on the web server will automatically save the daily files (e.g. the IP address which identifies each individual computer or other device on the web).

What for? The world web operates on the principle that specific data such as IP address, browser version, time of visit and similar are recorded on the web server hosting the web site. Riko d.o.o. does not process the data so collected and does not link them with other data.

For how long? The daily files are kept on the web server for three months before being deleted.  

Purpose of collecting personal data 

Which data: When you register with Riko d.o.o. on their web site, all of the data you have entered into the web form will be collected in addition to your IP address. 

What for: Riko d.o.o. will process these data exclusively for purposes of informing you of the news, offers, projects and important events. For how long? The data will be kept until you unsubscribe from our services by email or directly on the web site. You can unsubscribe from receiving notifications at any time. When completing the subscription form, you must tick the box confirming that Riko d.o.o. may use your email address for purposes of informing you of the news, offers, projects and important events, and that you are aware that you can unsubscribe from the notification system any time. To unsubscribe, just click the relevant link in an email received from Riko d.o.o. or directly on this web site. If you do not tick the box confirming your agreement to the above terms, Riko d.o.o. will neither send you notifications to your email address nor collect or process your personal data.  

In which case Riko d.o.o. will contact you? 

Riko d.o.o. will contact you in the following cases: If you register for any of the three categories "Become a partner", "Register", "Press/Media", i.e. if you enter your personal data into the web form. If you provide your contact data, Riko d.o.o. will occasionally inform you of the news, offers, projects and important events. 

If you register as a potential partner and provide your contact data. In this case, Riko d.o.o. will send you a Partnership Application Form serving as a non-binding request for cooperation. 

If you subscribe to the E-news or select the "Contact Me" option. 

If you file a report, submit a query or note. If you provide your contact data, Riko d.o.o. will send you information regarding your report or answer your query. Riko d.o.o. will also contact you if the actual situation needs to be clarified in the case of a report.  

Will my personal data be communicated to third persons? 

Riko d.o.o. will communicate your personal data received by your visit of the web site, your registration on the web site or your subscription to E-news, exclusively to the authorized representatives of the sales network of Riko d.o.o. for purposes of informing you of the news, offers, projects and important events. Riko d.o.o. will not disclose to others the data you provided in your report, query or note, unless stipulated otherwise by the law.  

How can I know which data are processed by Riko d.o.o.? 

At your request to provide the data collected on you, Riko d.o.o. will enable you to view your personal data and transcriptions or copies as well as an extract of these data. Furthermore, Riko d.o.o. will send you a list of the users your personal data has been communicated to, stating the time, basis and purpose of such communication. By the same token, Riko d.o.o. will, at your request, provide you with other information related to your personal data collected by Riko d.o.o. in accordance with the applicable legislation.  

Conclusive note

Riko d.o.o. commits to keep the personal data of the web site users confidential. The data collected will be used exclusively for the above purposes and within the framework of the legal powers of Riko d.o.o. 

The personal data and contact particulars will not be used for other purposes and will not, without the express authorization of the web site user, be disclosed to third parties, except to the authorized representatives of the sales network of Riko d.o.o. We will do everything in our power to protect your data from any violation or abuse. Please send your queries related to the protection of your personal data when using this web site, to webmaster@starckwithriko.com.

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